How to Read Date Code on Motorcycle Tires

Checking and changing your motorcycle tires is one of the most important routine maintenance tasks a bike owner can do. Your tires can be damaged in many ways. For a bike, the process is simple. Grab a penny and put it into the tire tread. Your tires will be at a dangerous tread level at one-eighth of an inch in thickness, and you should definitely replace your tire if it gets to oneth of an inch in thickness. For all of you who love fresh rubber, motoztires has sponsored tires for our upcoming QCC raffle! A worn tire tread will increase the time it takes for you to brake, which can lead to an accident. If you rode over a nail, for example, then you may not actually need to replace your tire. Some fresh traction showed up yesterday.

How do I know when to replace my motorcycle tires?

A frequent question about tire maintenance concerns service life. How long will your tires last before you should replace them? The answer depends on different factors such as your driving style, the tread design of the tire, regional climate, road conditions, and how frequently the car is in use. Another factor is you, the driver. Just like the rest of the vehicle, you have an essential role in the care and maintenance of the tires on your wheels; they will last longer the better you look after them.

You’re also responsible for deciding when it’s time to replace worn tires with new tires.

A motor-cycle tyre comprising a pair of bead cores (6) a carcass ply (5) and a tread (2) reinforced by a breaker (7) when the breaker comprises a main.

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Read Motorcycle Tire Date Codes in 5 Seconds

Finding the right set of motorcycle tires can be rough since there are so many to choose from. It can be difficult to find the best motorcycle tires for your bike, so we reviewed dozens of motorcycle tires to find the highest quality and most durable pair of wheels for your motorcycle based on their durability, functionality, design, Amazon ratings, and more. We narrowed our search down to 5 of the top-rated car speakers for great audio.

The makeup of this tire offers the rider with precision handling, improved lean grip, and off-road capabilities.

For example, inner tubes in bicycles of the Moscow bike-sharing service are simply rubber tubes long enough to be coiled and inserted into a tire.

The alpha numerical coding on the sidewall of Dunlop motorcycle tires can be confusing. It is important to understand these codes to insure you are getting a safe tire that will work on your particular motorcycle. Dunlop tire codes utilize metric measurements. Metric sizing is the most widely used and has the most information. Simply put, the higher this number is, the taller the tire will be. In this case, the tire is 65 percent as tall as its width. If there are two letters after the aspect ratio, the first will be speed rating and the second will be tire construction.

If there is only one letter or a dash – after the aspect ratio, then it indicates construction type and the speed rating will appear in the service description.

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The motorcycle standards are set to ensure your bike is safe to ride. These standards cover the design, construction and legal modifications. This is a guide to keeping your motorcycle in a safe and legal condition. The standards for motorcycles, mopeds and motor trikes can vary depending on the Australian Design Rule ADR category and the date of manufacture of your bike.

The date of manufacture is usually located on the identification plate affixed to the motorcycle. If you do not know the standards and ADRs that apply for your motorcycle, you should consider seeking professional help to design the modifications.

Buy Dunlop D Rear Motorcycle Tire / (77H) Black Wall: Cruiser Moral of the story, always check the side of the tire to check the manufacture date.

Unfortunately, not every rider asks this question. In fact, most people assume that their bike tires are as good as car tires. First of all, you should check if your tires have tread. That said, the middle of your tire gets into the greatest contact with road surfaces. As such, this section tends to wear out before the rest of the tire. Second, you should check your motorcycle tires for defects. Although the required tread might be there, the sidewalls might have cracked. This cracking is typically referred to as dry rot, and it is a clear sign that the time is ripe for you to get a tire replacement.

Alternatively, the tire might have a worn out, square profile. The age of the motorcycle tires also comes into play when you think about how long motorcycle tires last. To this end, it is imperative that you learn how to check your tire to see the level of durability recommended by the manufacturer. On average, the front tires on a typical sports bike should last miles.

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The tire’s born-on-date, commonly known as a Date Code, is a standardized 4 digit number indicating the Week of and the Year of tire.

Whether you ride a sportsbike or a Harley, an adventure machine or scooter, you need tyres. It sounds obvious, but the most important point is that the tyre must be the right size for your motorcycle, with the correct speed and load ratings. The design of a decent motorcycle tyre is all about its construction, compound and tread pattern. Advances in the materials used have developed dramatically, with new elements offering manufacturers multiple options for both carcass design and compound variation.

The traditional balance of a hard compound for mileage and a soft compound for grip has been modified by additional elements that make the rubber behave in very different ways. Tread design is crucially important for water clearance, while also allowing movement, which helps to generate heat in the tyre and to improve performance. Effective water clearance on a road tyre of course, as well as generating heat. But in addition to that, tyre designers might need to consider how they can make a tyre that can put the power down, without tearing up the surface too much.

The 17 relates to the rim size — 17inches — while the 71W is the speed and load rating; kg and mph kmh.

Motorcycle standards

Why not check us out? Many people don’t know that motorcycle tires aren’t designed to last as long as car tires. For tires with 5 years of use, manufacturers typically call for an annual inspection by a professional.

In fact, most people assume that their bike tires are as good as car tires. the tire is as good as dead five years after the date of manufacturer.

Worn tires can ruin your vehicle’s performance and even endanger you or your loved ones. It is recommended that you do a weekly inspection to check:. You are also advised to check your tire pressure twice a month. If in doubt, always ask for expert advice! Tires are durable and designed to withstand impacts, but they sometimes puncture. If you get a flat tire, it should be replaced by a professional mechanic.

A Michelin Man symbol on the upper side of your tires means that they feature a tread wear indicator. Similar to little bumps, these can be found at the bottom of the main grooves. Michelin strongly advises you to change your tires before reaching this point. Past this point, there is no guarantee that your tires will keep you safe or deliver grip and performance, particularly on wet surfaces.

It is difficult to predict a tire’s lifespan because it bears no relation to its manufacturing date.

Motorcycle Tyres in Doncaster

Getting the most from your motorcycle tires requires proper care and maintenance. Get the most up-to-date information in this section. Always keep the motorcycle manufacturer’s recommended air pressure in both tires.

This date will be printed on the sidewall of the tire. The large turnover of tires at retailers like Dennis Kirk help ensure that you are buying the newest tires.

Buying part worn motorcycle tyres is the most cost effective way of getting sticky rubber on your machine, which will give you plenty of time out on track for significantly less money than buying brand new track day tyres. With that in mind, you should be looking at the following:. Plenty of tread — How much tread is left is a good indication of how much the tyre has been used.

As a rough guide, having between 2mm-3mm on the sides of the tyre is good going. Smooth wear — If the tyre has smooth, even wear across the whole face i. If one section of the tyre has worn VERY differently from the rest this can be hot or cold tear.

Understanding Dunlop Tire Codes

All reputable tire manufacturers have their own list of approved tires for most motorcycle models. These lists may appear on websites, or in a booklet, and should be available at your motorcycle dealer or parts and accessory shop. In some cases, an alternative will also be included. Always make sure that the tires recommended for your bike appear in a written form.

Take the advice of the professionals: the motorcycle or tire manufacturer. Tires are composed of various types of material and rubber compounds, having performance properties essential to the proper functioning of the tire itself.

Many motorcycle tires come with tread wear indicator bars (TWIs). These are little bands For post tires, the date will appear as four numbers. To give an.

Our motorcycle tires are super important. But through the years, government legislation demanded safety markings be posted to help buyers know they are getting a legally approved tire. Buying and using the right tire for your specific motorcycle or scooter is very important to its load, speed and overall performance. It can be confusing! They may also be ad-hoc extensions to lettering and numbering schemes. Each country or group of nations has its own regulating body. As you might imagine, tires for motorcycles have their own set of codes different from automobile tires.

The codes describe:.

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